Uniden Searches For “CB Radio White Noise Cure”

I thought I’d tell you that Uniden are I believe looking into the white noise issues that effected “some users” of the Grant II and Grant II Premium. Increased activity on the blog search feature and IP address sweeps have shown this to be the case. So although no comments from anywhere the fact that somethings are happening quietly it needed to be announced here.

That’s the news, all the news and there is nothing more to add now. We know two things, Uniden are moving back to China so the factories close soon for Chinese New Year and we also know they are searching the blog. Also searches for HF Doktor and Grant DSP have been recorded. So great news indeed and even if nothing done they’ve looked and seen people’s displeasure.

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2 thoughts on “Uniden Searches For “CB Radio White Noise Cure”

  1. The cure for white noise and harsh audio is not only to put a dsp behind the source of the noise…
    The illness comes from digital smd layout. With a first look you may say wow looks goodcrafted and specs ok but in a live situation it sucks .. Why?its cause there is hf-, rf-, digital signals mixed on minimum place and they do influence to each. They reacting more like only one transistor with no headroom. Digital layouted smd designs are optimized for cheapcrapcrip not for best performance. Thats not breaking news .. A lot of “proaudiomanufactors” have done this shit in past and they have ruin there reputation with poor signal mishmash. You buy a behrin… and with a step out of shoppedoor it looses more than 50% you payed for .. its not worth tha many. So its good as kidstoy but not for a grant guy. Buy to sell. For the new president grant III i wish that they build good old working design for hf and rf based on a arduino minicomp brain. Thats tha way to a payable cb radio … You do not believe … Ask the proaudios (in china) what they’ve learned!
    Example: building a crossover for speakersystem and fix two coils to close to each … What you get is the holy crap of sound.. Cause the influence of the magneticfields will ruin your computernade design. The cure: don’t fix tha fucking coils to close in your design ..
    Ones on a handheldradio i had funny issues with white noise on stronger signals between s4-s7 hmmm whats wrong with tha chinacracker? Cure: a stripe of aluminiumfoil. Ilness: the databus for s-meter do influence to the rx ampstage next to it…funny selferecting white noise generator€
    The well known alice design for good sounding micpreamping after digital smd layout: holycrap!
    Cure: conventional design…


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