The CB Funker AE-6110

Saw this photo on the excellent website and thought I’d share it with you here. It’s a nice idea on how to connect the all conquering Albrecht to an amplifier. I’m constantly surprised how many different operators have made the radio “there own”

The radio due to size is so universal and I like the idea how the amplifier was connected and of course with the possibility of 2.8-3khz audio hub this radio can be made even more kick ass. And add this amp below then there is no need to modify the radio for 20w FM when you loose the AM. Great idea to connect it. Like it a lot.. I’d just think joined to the RM it’s going to get hotter faster.


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4 thoughts on “The CB Funker AE-6110

  1. Thanks for reply … For me iam wondering that the ae is taft made nice little radio at this pricelevel … They should built the ssb version for 90,00 € bugs .. Please! and dont forget the little wheeldial for clarifier on the mic. The ae is the new standart for what a 300,00€ radio must do for my pleasure. I hoped that the grant II will fullfill my desire. So i got one of the first version for testing. I had only the chance for testing it on my longwire antenna, cause where iam living in between tha hills, theres no use for a vertikal. I was shocked about high noise level and audio i dosnt like on rx/tx. RX was to harsh and nervous – tx sounds like the final is not working on right bias .. Perhaps caused by the missing heatsink or the audio is limited in a wrong way – i tryed several mics known for nice sound and they all sounded cutten in the same way. So i didnt take the radio and using my old one (old grant noise is 2s lower and audio is warm and full on rx/tx)… Its good to testing things before buying. The grant 2 of the friend looses tha klick from on/off, speaker ext is broken, display hardly scratched after only one year of using. Ok stop talking! The ae sets tha level.


  2. It’s funny to see how people like this radio. Much positiv writting about in forums like funkbasis al tha time. But the big silence on the president grant II premium cb radio.
    Last words written last year: did anyone buy it? … Silence … Seems grant II becomes a kind of “noword”


    • Grant II Premium has sold many pieces if you ask around the dealers. But true nobody confesses to own it. I have two and cannot use two. Too much noise! So, if you want to ask me personally I can tell you honestly this:

      Grant II Normal Version: I’ve now 4 and cannot use any: Noise
      Grant II Premium Version: I’ve now 2 and cannot use any: Noise

      In the car yes can use all with no noise’ish. House not usable at all. Last time I use a Grant II normal version at home I spoke to Cuba. Was loud signal and defied the white noise. Otherwise they sit in boxes which is a sad place for any President radio as they were the tops!

      But also I’ve Lincoln II and can use it now as only S2 noise on SSB at home so no complaints and in the car works excellently with no noise level at all. They’ve worked the world for me, filmed some of it so cannot lie about it either.

      AE-6110: I have here modified ones, legal ones, 10m, car ones and all working well in house and car. No white noise at all, ASQ working well and on the whole a good cheap radio.


  3. Not a good idea to have the radio on the top, instead of the amp.
    This way the amp heat up the radio board.
    I’d rather melt the amp’s soldering than the radio’s.


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