Alan Midland Modulator Bullwhip

Guess if you’ve used CB from “back in the day” then sure you’ve used a Modulator of some sort or another. So it’s nice to see Nevada with the £13.95 Sigma version of the antenna. When it comes to a simple antenna that works well then sure this antenna is a worker indeed.

I bought a few years back a Modulator from Les Wallen and it worked just like in the 90’s with pretty good bandwidth and performance. I’ve not tried this version but looks to be well made and indeed if you’ve tried one let me know and share your experiences to others.


Length – 1.65m

Coil length – 300mm

Coil diameter – 20mm

Impedance – 50Ohms

Frequency range – 26-28MHz

SWR 1:1.5

Whip construction – 17.7ph stainless steel

Photo: NevadaRadio


The original Wallen Modulator is also available via eBay £14.95 and if shipping is needed for outside of the UK you need to contact them first. Same as with NevadaRadio.

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