President Jackson II Contest Box “More Information”

So as you all know I was publicising the contests during 2015 in Germany. The AM contest, the FM contest and the SSB contest. It appears that Dieter and his friends have won them all. Congratulations to them as seems indeed quite a lot of hard work and I can say what an excellent location that they have used. And like usual, more information follows below.

I’d like to thank Dieter for the explanation and indeed have featured his words now below. I can see many people using this as an idea for a contest box, and what a good idea:

“I have built the box with the same instruments with several transceiver. The front-cover with the intsruments is made by a cnc-machine. It is a very high quality.

I love the 11 Meter on the mountains. So is a good box the best solution…

We started at the frequency contest with the number 60. (My 2 friends an I) Our location was the hornisgrinde in the north of the black forest.

 First we wanted only to try the mountain because it is very difficult to get a approval to go there by car. But the hornisgrinde is great. We won all of the 3 events. It was barley (SSB) but we were the best.

It was a wonderful event and we had a lot of fun on the hornisgrinde. I was worth it to get the approval. (You have to go before to the to townhall. For 100 € caution you get the key to pass the barrier!) The Problem was, that we have to go over 70 km one way to get the key. Because the townhall is only open till Friday”

I think like with the amateur radio events some company would be interested to donate a radio to such a good cause as this. Contesting on CB radio. Why not, sure there could be someone interested out there. And what good publicity indeed.

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