CB Users India Frequencies And Photos

For the hundreds of CB users in India who’ve sent photos and who write to the blog we’ve a small feature for you with some of the radio stations that you use and have sent to me over the past months, weeks and years and a small frequency guide to what happens where. As we know 4×4 and off-road trecking is a key part of CB radio life in India.

And the frequency guide for the Indian frequencies are as follows:

Indian CB channels  

26.964 Hobbyist comms

26.968 [offset] Mountaineering

26.972 Hobbyist comms

26.976 [offset] Mountaineering

26.980 Highway comms

26.988 spare

26.996 spare

27.004 Radio-controlled model aircraft

27.012 Rural comms

27.020 Radio-controlled devices, ex. garage door openers, alarms

27.028 Rural comms

27.036 Hobbyist comms

27.044 Highway emergency ( to contact police )

27.052 Highway emergency ( to contact EMS )

27.060 Marine lifesaving comms

27.068 Marine lifesaving comms

27.076 Disaster relief

27.084 Disaster relief

27.092 Forestry

27.100 Forestry

27.108 Radio-controlled devices, ex. garage door openers, alarms

27.116 Radio-controlled model aircraft

27.124 Hobbyist comms

27.132 spare

27.140 Mountaineering

27.148 Radio-controlled model aircraft

27.155 [offset] Radio-controlled models, general

27.156 Radio-controlled model aircraft

27.164 spare

27.172 Rural comms

27.180 spare

27.188 spare

27.196 spare

27.204 Mountaineering

27.212 Rural comms

27.220 Sports events

27.225 [offset] Radio-controlled models, general

27.228 Radio-controlled model aircraft

27.236 Highway comms

27.244 Sports events

27.250 [offset] Radio-controlled toys and gadgets

27.252 spare

27.260 Radio-controlled toys and gadgets

27.268 spare

27.276 spare

Friends in India tell me JFK2 is popular so feature Presidents own video of the radio 




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