Team MiniCom “Gets Tuned”

Konektor5000 have been at it again and this time they’ve put there attention into making some changes to the Team MiniCom which is a brother to the Anytone Micro and the CRT One. Not identical as the Team behaves a little different and the modifications are different.

So the added extras are as follows:
50Zl (€12) Install a ceramic Murata 455HT filter

150Zl (€23) Replace the 10.695 crystal with the Konektor5000 Crystal

50Zl (12) Replace the original Mike element with the Panasonic WB61A (kick ass idea)*

* El Mago modified radios have the different microphone element inside and it makes quite a lot of difference when tuned. I can see some resellers adopting this idea within 2016-2017 timelines

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