Smokey & The Bandit Did The Bandit Use A President? 

One of the wonders of life is what the CB Radios were used in the series of films of “Smokey & The Bandit” Well the antenna was simple to guess, it was a Antenna Specialist AS MR276. But the radio debate is easy in the sequels. So we will have a look now and see.

The sequel of the movie the radio is easy to see and identify.


The radio is a Pace PB-166 that’s the one from the sequels.


Above is the $45 bandit antenna that sat on top of the Trans-Am.

Smokey & Bandit “Original Film”

A clear view of the radio is not possible for more than a few seconds and many thought it was the original stock radio that came with the Trans Am from GM which was called “GM CB10 Trans Am / Pontiac / Bandit Edition” but if you check well the controls they appear different to the ones on the radio in the car, and on the back of the Mike it says “President” More information is available: and this link too:

Do you know what he had? Let me know…


Mike with name blacked out

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