CB Diploma 26-27-28 February 2016 “Centenial Award”

I’m actually not completely sure about the significance of the next event due to a bad translation from the internet but seems a celebration to which a diploma can be obtained for a contact. I’ll include the original and the English translation below and if anyone can help me more then please let me know. My thanks to Marte265 for sending me the information.

And the frequency to take a listen is 27.245 LSB. I believe it’s the centenial of a city, 100 years of existence.

The original text:

The next 26-27-28 February, the Associação Templários CB DX International and the National Association Amadores Rádio C B DX granted special Diploma “Tomar, Templar and Centennial city.” QAP frequency 27,245 MHz LSB. More information on their Facebook pages.

Durante o próximo 26-27-28 fevereiro, a Associação Templários CB DX Internacional e da Associação Nacional de Amadores Rádio C B DX concedida Diploma “Tomar, Templários e Centennial cidade.” Especial QAP frequência 27.245 MHz LSB. Mais informações sobre suas páginas no Facebook.

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  1. Hi SImon, Hi all,

    What does it means is exactly that. You will be granted a diploma like the one above for your participation/contact on this events.

    A little bit of history:
    Tomar is know as “Cidade dos Templários” – “City of the Templars”. For some reason the sails of the Portuguese ships had, at the time of the discovery of the “new world”, a red cross.

    Here’s why : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomar


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