President New York USA

So it is not a radio but to see a glimpse at an antenna is ok. This is one of the range being released in the USA and is a plug n play antenna meaning pre-tuned for the 40 channels, weather band receive, 10 year warranty and made by President in Barcelona Spain.


What i can say as a user is that this antenna works for me in the range of 5-15 miles depending on location and indeed the furthest contact was 700 miles plus but was on SSB and not AM. The antenna can be tilted 60-100 degrees so installation is easy and set the whip as you want, plus the tip is detachable. Priced at $49 in the USA it will provide quick and easy installation and if you do not want scratches the antenna comes with a detachable rubber boot and multi magnets underneath as the video shows

CB Radios now that is another thing. So send me your videos and i will add them here on the blog. Obviously the antenna can work other radios than President and so with that you do not need a President radio to use it. So think of me when making the videogates. If you can send it i can add it online.

This is not a review, this is a look at the antenna for those who asked me what it looked like and how it was assembled. I’ll add another video in the next days of the antenna on the car and working on AM. Due to the geographic situation in different places the antenna can perform differently but we are all aware of this. We will of course look for some of the other antennas available.

 1/4 wave

 1.1/1 pre-adjusted

 250 Watt P.E.P.

 800 kHz / 80 Ch (Centred around channel 20 for full AM Band Coverage 26965-27405 AM/SSB)

 19.69 inches – 500 mm


 Dual helical


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