Vuelve SADELTA !!! Sadelta Has Returned

Thanks to JuanPe who wrote to me from Spain to tell me that Sadelta is back with a range of power supplies. I’m a little surprised but sure if they come back with power supplies then get some of the mikes back on the market. That’s where the fame was started of course.


There is a 5-7 amp PSU for €26.65 plus taxes

And there is a 30 amp for €57 plus taxes

So really can it be that Sadelta gently looks above the trees to see what is happening out there. Was a loss when they departed and nice to see them return at least with something. They are one of the brands that will and should never die.

Thanks to JuanPe. He knows I’ve a lot of Sadelta microphones here and recently got hold of a lot of New Old Stock of hand mikes. Plus check my WordPress: but it’s needing lots of updates which I’ll start on soon or maybe close this blog and concentrate on the microphones we will see…

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    • It’s accomplished a lot. Companies and resellers look here so it’s shook the way the hobby is shown. We will see. I want to concentrate on Sadelta WordPress, it’s another love as well as radios. Mikes & Audio. We will see if both can be juggled somehow


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