Exclusive “Gain-Master” Goes 1/2 Wave (Part1) Updated With First Look..

Great news landed at the Wizards email and that is the popular and evolutionary Gain-Master from Sirio will soon get an addition to the family and that will come in the shape of a little brother or sister called the HW Gain-Master. The antenna will be rated 500w constant and 1kw short time, come in 3 sections with an estimated swr path of 27.2-30Mhz tuneable by cutting.


Enclosed is a photo of the old Gain-Master. If you look at the words PATENT PENDING the photo above is the same as the new antenna. Remember the new Gain-Master is currently not made and will be available at your dealers in the next 4-8 weeks. But to take on a hill a 3 piece is so much easier to install, same as IWI or CTX stations. Makes life easier indeed.

In the meantime keep checking http://www.sirioantenne.it for the latest news and information. And now the hunt and wait begins to find it….

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