Magnum1 For Sale In EU €359 / £280 / $390

Arriving for sale in the EU tomorrow and thanks to Matthijs from for the information. Many asked me via email and while mine still sits at customs you can get one off the shelf tomorrow from the Netherlands and with the duties paid so no customs troubles and delays. As usual all the information will be listed below after the photo of the Magnum1

And the link:


Morgen in de winkel

Prijs 359.00 euro

◾50 Watts PEP Output Power

◾Dual ERF2030 MOSFET Finals

◾Variable RF Power Out

◾Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO)

◾Rock Solid Frequency Stability

◾Channel step 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz
Frequency coverage: 

◾A: 24.890 ~ 24.990 MHz (12 Meter)

B: 28.000 ~ 28.395 MHz (10 Meter)

C: 28.400 ~ 28.795 MHz (10 Meter)

D: 28.800 ~ 29.195 MHz (10 Meter)

E: 29.200 ~ 29.595 MHz (10 Meter)

F: 29.600 ~ 29.700 MHz (10 Meter) (In export mode either 25.615 to 30.105 Mhz or 24.500-25.615 Mhz selectable from front panel

MAGNUM 1 is a microprocessor controlled, user programmable radio combining both high RF performance with a user-friendly environment.


£280 is based on today’s exchange rate. And with DR135-uk selling £99.95 and all Brits crying rip off Britain and wanting cheap could be hard sell in uk.

$390 Check online and radio ranges from $270 till $367 so not so much different to USA 

Remember: Radio Price, shipping, duties and taxes, advertising, profit ALL needs to be added when bringing a non originally sold EU radio for sale…

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  1. Amateur radio is zero Duty rated in the UK, and I would imagine that is the same for the rest of the EU (harmonisation). VAT is payable whoever imports it, of course if you’re importing a radio that is only being charged at £100, then VAT is (roughly) £20 of course if you try to charge £200 for the radio then the VAT will be £40.

    What advertising, and I don’t mean putting it on your shop website or getting write ups on blogs, I mean paid for advertising.

    £300 for an 11m set, don’t say it covers 10m & 12m, I don’t know of any Amateurs that use this sort of set for 10m & 12m.

    And it comes out of a Chinese factory. I understand that you run a blog, to entertain people and bring them news of new equipment that is becoming available, but you can’t defend overcharging.


    • “Entertain People” nope that’s not me. I looked online yesterday and saw in the USA the same radio for $356. That’s with nothing to add more than sending from USA to USA address and / or conversion to free-band mode. So $34 cheaper than Netherlands at today’s exchange rate.

      Many emailed me, many wrote I’ll buy it when it’s around €140.

      My point is you cannot always get something for nothing. Will it sell for that price? I don’t know. Will it sell in uk for that price? I think not. Meaning how many will pay that price of course,


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