Magnum1 €359.95

Another dealer has shown there hand in the Magnum1 sales and this time it is Ronald at Truckerswereld who now has the radio in stock and for sale. There are NO UK dealers known at the moment so don’t ask me whether Knights or Nevada will sell it. Best for you is to ask them directly, they’ll tell you yes, no and this saves time and cuts out middle men.

And Truckerswereld say:

Magnum 1 now in stock. € 359,95 included v.a.t

After a long hiatus, the Magnum brand has released a very different looking model compared to everything else being made at this time, introducing the Magnum M1. At first glance, you’ll notice the futuristic, almost star-warsian design with the symmetrical faceplate layout and dual LCD readouts. At night you’ll appreciate the backlit faceplate and easy to read controls. Always being a leader in design and innovative appearance, the M1 surely stands out against all other radios currently available. Hopefully we’ll see more of this type of design philosophy from future Magnum models.
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