Australia On 27.78125 (Channel 19)

Thanks to Martin (ButterBall) for using the contact form and send me a link to a video where Australia was calling on the UK channel 19 over the weekend. 43PR050 is often doing this, I’ve heard him also calling via the “Parrott” in Northern Sweden on the mid block. Great that stations make the effort. More kudos to him, let’s hope more do it also.

Have you heard him, or worked him and have it in video then send me a link and I’ll add it here as soon as possible.

I see the skip was thing of dreams here after months of silence. I don’t know anything about antenna used in uk but as you can see superb conditions and lovely quiet receive on the radio..

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  1. As for noise, can’t you hear the PLT. Listen to just before 2:00 when he is on channel 40 and you will hear the crackling rasping sound of PLT (or maybe a plasma). Then just at 2:00 he switches to the Super-bowl (channel 6) at the edge of 27MHz where the notch filtering is kicking in and you’ll hear clear audio.

    10m, 12m and 15m has been good over the weekend, as well as so many American & Canadian stations worked (probably two dozen until I got bored), got St.Helena Is. late Sunday on 12m and came home at lunchtime yesterday, flicked the radio on 10m and heard Brazil calling straight away, gave him one shout and got a copy. All on my original NOS Astroplane.

    Fortunately, my antenna is 150ft down the garden, so I have pretty much zero noise on the frequencies I use it for, 6m, 10m, 11m, 12m and 15m. I feel sorry for those that have to locate their antenna on the house, as PLT is just killing 11m.


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