President Lincoln II “Ultimate Beast” Up For Sale €350

Recently seen on Facebook and this seems to be a beast of a radio complete with an additional Motorola microphone you are looking at €400 so that’s in the territory of a used amateur radio really. I’ll list some of the modifications below but for a go and sit on the hills and kick some ass radio then this has to be on the list of a radio that sure can do it!!


So according to the information online:

Modifications to echo, receive, modulation etc

AM/FM variable to 85 watts

SSB Variable to around 100w

Comes fitted with a temperature controlled fan. Interested? It’s on the forum CB Funk Gruppe on Facebook for sale along with a Gain-Master and a microphone for additional costs. You need to look at Facebook of interested guys and girls.



Sure looks a beast. That’s all can say….

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