CRT 2000 Maybe June / July Delivery

OK OK so i have asked around as so many people ask when is this new radio coming on sale. So I can tell you at the moment from information received maybe in June or July it will appear and the price of the radio is currently top secret. No news on the price yet.


News is not official in anyways from CRT but is based on other information. So guess now we must wait and see what the cost will be. Already in England the “I will buy it if is under £50 operators” are there and sure, be very VERY sure the radio is not for you as it will be more than this. There is a lot of time, effort in this radio and to sell it this small money is an insult to the maker. The AE6110 is now more in price too as costs are getting higher so either pay the money or shut up. Some idiot and I will say idiot asked me if the same radio can come for under £100 with SSB like the Alinco DR-135DX that was on a sale from Nevada. Dream on and move on.

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