Stryker SR-447HPC2 “Coming Soon” 

Based on the chassis of the Anytone AT-6666 soon will come the new version of the 447HPC and called the HPC2. Whether this radio will come to the EU is a matter of question and depends if the European importer Radiozing will carry it. I’m still hoping they bring in the new A-10 antenna. And we know also Stryker intends to take on the Apollo II in 2016 also.

And of course the all important photographs.  People always want photos and here they are.

Coming to a dealer near you soon.

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  1. world leader..oh please lol
    thats one expensive antenna for a mobile …i think i will stick with my American made shockwaves lest they really do handle 10kw..and change.

    back to work i go


  2. yes we know
    strykers team of fake facebook accounts has been plaguing the facebook groups for months with cold sales posts as of late that sr-a10 antenna and now the radio before hand links to the fake cb blog sites that were blatant sales pitches for stryker …people are getting very tired of it .
    as a admin of a few cb related fb pages the ban button has been going wild
    some of these fb groups i see you are a member of Simon


    • I was asked “why I ignore reviewing Stryker antennas as they are a world leader” was asked today again

      A) not in EU
      B) quoted $267 shipping plus tax and import duties
      C) they ignore emails

      Result is can’t get it, use it, see it. So easiest way ignore it…


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