Albrecht AE6491CT Clarification & Update

So we have an update on an article that was released in 25th February where by looking dealer pages I gathered that the radio did not have AM in the UK mode between 26965-27405 and so this was a wrong statement and I’ve received a clarification from Germany about it. I’m not sure if directly from the marker or not, but please look below for the entire clarification.

As I’ve not seen or used this radio I’m of course happy to provide the text below to the message I’ve received.

I have a remark to the article about the new Albrecht AE6491CT, that you have published on February 25th.

In UK mode of the device, you have access to both the 40 old UK-standard channels and the usual 40 standard CB-channels. Just increase the channel number until it overflows to 01. Then this number 01 will be the first channel of the “E”‘-Band (26.965MHz .. 27.405MHz) and the AM/FM switch works like expected. With the next overflow from channel number 40 to 01, the device switches back into the old UK band (27.60125MHz ..27.99125MHz) and disables the AM/FM switch. You can read the frequency display, whether the UK channels are active, or the EU channels.

Furthermore you have written, that there is likely nothing new and exciting inside the new version.

In fact, several detail improvements are implemented in this new AE6491CT version. When you look into the new AE6491, you will see for instance, that there are no more direct solder links between main PCB and front PCB. All signals between the two PCBs are now led over a dedicated flat cable. Even so all lines to the potentiometers and the encoder. The comparison of the old and the new schematics discloses, that also a few components have been replaced by newer and better types.

The sum of all these changes will for sure again further enhanced the reliability of AE6490/91. 

And indeed I did write I believe there is nothing new and exciting. But now I see that a flat cable replaces solder links. For the normal user this isn’t anything too exciting I’d say. I’d tried to obtain a loan unit as it is isn’t sold here and this was not possible as emails were not answered. So hard to see and know all from a photo above. And my information was from dealers pages that showed 27.60125-27.99125 and 26.965-27.405 FM so I used this. But newer components, better components and more reliability. All good things and to be commended on.

Thank you so much for alerting me to the changes and errors in the article in 25/2/2016 and I’m of course happy to rectify this with the above words that you have sent me.

The email was from an amateur radio call that showed silent key. So unless reallocated I’m not sure which way to take this. We will see.

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