Magnum1 Initial Video (No Conditions)

Due to low band conditions in this area of the world it is not easy to show how a radio is working or not. And the video below is just the start as this also does not show how well the Magnum1 behaves on air. But we have to start the videos from somewhere i suppose.


As you see all to well the radio gets noise at my location the same as the Lincoln II and the Anytone radios and there siblings. Difference is that in the noise you can receive the voices. As we saw on other videos from other people high noise levels you often miss the voice. On this radio “somehow” or maybe better engineered even with the noise the voice is heard clear and sharply. We know this radio is not all Maxlog. Anyone can see it. Yes it looks the same, but not all that looks the same is the same. VFO Mode is a winner here. An idea that was talked about even in 2011 with Maxlog and now on the 8900 also. It opens up a radio for the owner to do what he wants, the lack of PC software on the Magnum makes no difference and indeed is not needed at all. Would i add 80 channel per band? Yes i would but then you need ability to change it via the PC so in this instance it is not needed.

I promised Hartmut a video and this is the first one. I need some conditions to show it better and will add another video when get something on video. My location here near the airport the band is quiet except for taxi radios, even the normally loud Russian Taxi operators are silent and have been so weeks now.

Originally i thought an expensive radio. Like the many who emailed me and commented the same. But it is different, the build quality is better, the errors the original had are gone away now. It is a much better radio, yes the price is high and yes i know it is high. But you have the choice to buy or not. It seems really to be a good radio.

I will be back with another video very soon, just as you all will know i need a busier band to showcase the radio. I am not in the UK and where i am located at the moment the band is super quiet no matter what band it is.

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4 thoughts on “Magnum1 Initial Video (No Conditions)

  1. Hi Simon,
    on the flyers will be posted by 50 Watt output power.
    probably in export mode? This can be done safely without major rebuilding.
    perhaps with jumpered or the soldering points.

    Regards, Hartmut


  2. Hi Simon, thanks for the first videos, very nice radio.ich do a lot of fm,
    are the voices be heard even with faults?
    I’ve been waiting a long time for the radio.einige manufacturers in Germany have announced, so let’s wait.
    many thanks again for your work
    Many greetings Hartmut


    • Hi Hartmut,

      Thank you for writing and I’ll try later today or tomorrow to get more but hear quiet really. FM is fine, audio a little “dunkel” but it’s the same with all. If add an RFLimited CR577 it has tone so that takes it away. Power is between 1-18w FM so enough power for sure. The audio sound on transmitted sound us like between President Jackson II and Lincoln II on FM. It’s strong and nice rounded sound but a little dark.
      I’m going to try and get some FM video ASAP.


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