Luiton LT-580 UHF Radio

Something new this time and looks quite Qixiang style but is being sold under the name Luiton and is available in three different varieties and this one is the UHF. There is also a version from 136-174Mhz and also 220-260Mhz so seems will transmit on some of the satellite frequencies (Satcom) which we’ve seen on videos from Brazil or Mexico I can’t remember.

Frequency Range:

VHF: 136-174MHz/245-245.9875MHz (220-260MHz)

UHF: 400-490MHz/450-520MHz

Output Power:

VHF: 60W/25W

UHF: 45W/25W

Large screen lcd display

adjustable brightness, easy to use at night

operation Optional

200 Programmable Memory Channels

Easy to operate , better heat-release

Each channel can be set to different CTCSS / DCS, 2Tone, 5TONE signal,

Reject unwanted calls from other stations

Multiple scanning function, CTCSS/DCS setting & scanning

By using 5Tone to finish data transmission,emergency alert,

all call, ANI identification, Remote kill ,Remote awake;

DTMF-ANI or 5Tone-ANI Caller automatic recognition

Scrambler (Optional)

You can set different band in each channel, Wide band 25K/Narrow band 12.5K

Voice Compander

Photographs (c) Luiton

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