Yeticom Optima MK III €299.95 Limited Stock

I was told this radio was now no longer available but seems that hasn’t stopped Truckerswereld in the Netherlands as in a couple of weeks they will have limited stock of the radio. So if there is anyone that needs one I’ll add the link below and drop Ronald an email and see what he can do to supply you the 24.500-29900Mhz limited supply mobile amateur radio.

And of course you need the link to find it:


24.500mhz to 29.995mhz all mode, FM, AM, USB & LSB

50 Watts variable power on each mode 5w to 50 watts

5khz default step size (can be changed to 1khz, 10khz 100khz, 1mhz etc)

Built in Frequency counter that is accurate!

Repeater shift

Continually tuning VFO with no gaps !!

Temperature controlled cooling fan installed on heatsink

8 pin Icom compatible microphone socket (so you can plug in any Icom 8pin mic for better TX audio or add a base mic with pre-amp for louder TX audio if you wish)

Switchable narrow IF Filter – for better crowded SSB reception

5 memory channels

Scan facility

Properly aligned signal strength meter

Very small compared to other multi-modes

Dimensions: (approx) 15.5 CM wide, 23cms deep, 5 cm high

Front 8pin ICOM compatible Microphone socket <— Plug in any powered or non powered Icom 8 pin mic for better and louder TX audio !

Variable Mic gain

Variable RF gain

Variable RF power control all modes!

Squelch control

Clarifier control

Channel / VFO change

Rear external speaker socket (headphone jack)

Dimensions: 15.5 x 23 x 5

Weight: 1,32 KG

Color: Black

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  1. I think its just YETICOM that isn’t selling them anymore,, hopefully the radios will still be around for a while


  2. Its a shame the yeticom optima will no longer be available its a great little radio and has some fantastic features and easy to use


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