Sirio Gain-Master HW

So installed the antenna early as its a nice 20c+ day here to see how and what will be. First impressions well made, easy to install, takes around 20 minutes or so from start to finish. Mounted on a 7ft scaffold pole which is against the fence. Height ASL 119m so not too high.

Antenna is deceptively big so was some fun lifting it onto the poke but secured fast and quickly. Sirio claim 27:200 and upwards with -/+ 900khz either side.

My results so far with 20 watts, Daiwa Meter and 12m of RG213 from antenna to meter:

So far with 20w FM SWR on a Daiwa meter. Gain-Master HW

26:200 FM 1:8
26:400 FM 1.6

27:200 FM 1.4

27:600 FM 1.2

28:500 FM 1.5

29:500 FM 1.8

So seems to be well within there norms. The level of noise remained the same for me, around the same as on GP 5/8 Antron99, Sigma Eurocomm 1/2 and just a tad more than the Himalaya that sits on the same pole. Bands are quiet, even the taxi stations are silent but I’ll keep listening for signs of life.


Thought the bandwidth would be less

Antenna is quite heavy, long base from below antenna to end of mounting


Still no conditions, seems each time I’m on the band is sleeping quietly.


Back soon with more….

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