President McKinley USA “Whole Radio” Photo MATS2016

Lots of emails here about the size of the new McKinley and whether it is DIN and what is the depth and many comments coming after the release of the initial photos of the front of the radio that were released online before the MATS show which is currently underway in Louisville Kentucky. So we’ve a photo and I’ll explain more about it after the break here.

Remember this is such a rare look at a prototype and the radio can change in the meantime, there is nothing that says what you see now will be the same when the radio is released in Q3 2016 but what would likely stay the same would be the facia size. When that is the case the shell of the radio would be the same size as the Johnson II USA so yes it is DIN sized.



Photo (c) Group President Electronics USA
So the photo you see is a maybe! Ladies & Gents it too early now to be sure. So watch this space and for those who were really sending many emails about this radio, thanks for that and hope this will help you in some small way.

MATS is the Mid America Trucking Show

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