Sirio P-2000 Non PL Base

13 emails and I myself yesterday was trying to install the antenna for tests especially for Royston in the UK when I found the same as you did. The antenna comes with coax and a mount that would need drilling through the chassis of the car and not suitable for the PL base. It ended my attempts yesterday and now I’ve found a work around, but it’s not an effective one.

I’d suggest maybe contact with your dealer and see if they can get hold of an adapter from Sirio. For me, I found that a fighter series P5000 used the same base, where the adapter could be used to mount it across so it fitted an SO239 base.


Sirio Supply 2 versions:

P/N 2208305.50 PERFORMER P2000

P/N 2208305.51 PERFORMER P2000 PL

So guess must be possible to buy this adapter as an accessory? For me need to read the wrapper more carefully in the future I guess. I’m not sure if they shipped non PL first with cable, but you need either an adapter base from a dealer maybe or look for the antenna which comes with no cable inside and branded PL.

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