Stryker SR-5K”Roof Mounted” Antenna

Stryker Radios who seem to be blitzing the media places recently about there products have something else on the way and that’s a roof mounted version of the SR-5K and with it some more information comes to light to where the antenna is manufactured also.

Many people have noted and thought this antenna was a Wilson 5000 with a different name well it seems that Facebook user BondEdwardJames has dispelled this with his words below which I’ll copy and paste here:

“Stryker quality!!!

Welcome to yet another NEW Stryker product!!! Welcome to the all new SR-5K ROOF MOUNT antenna. The SR-5K roof mount antenna is expected to be available to dealers over the next couple weeks. Should be on the way to distribution this week or next. We do NOT have pricing as of yet but will soon. Setting the RECORDS STRAIGHT, I have seen MANY posts with questions and claims that Stryker is nothing but a Wilson antenna with the Stryker name on it. This is NOT TRUE!!! Stryker has complete separate manufacturing for the SR-5K mag mount antenna and the new Stryker SR-5K Roof Mount antenna and FULLY under Stryker specs and quality control. The SR-2K is manufactured in same plant as Wilson but not under Wilson. Again, Stryker is FULLY under Stryker specs and quality control.
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So there you have it!

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