PNI Escort HP6510 CB Radio

Matthijs from released a new radio to market recently from the Romania company PNI. The radio which is based on the Nanfone CB-583 and looking very similar to the Qixiang produced Anytone Smart comes with detachable microphone and some other interesting goodies that you can read about after the break here.

And of course the most important things are the functions and the benefits of the radio:

*Multi Frequency (Including Russia, UK, European Bands) 

*Bluetooth Compatible

*High power up to 8W

Frequency : 25-30MHz

Microphone with LCD

3-colors backlight

AM/FM mode.

ASQ/SQ function

EMG channel CH9/19

Nice to see Bluetooth as an option, and guess these soon will be available via

Price unknown at the moment but you can usually find PNI selling in eBay amongst other platforms.

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2 thoughts on “PNI Escort HP6510 CB Radio

  1. Very cool looking variation of the Smart Radio.
    I just ordered a Anyone Smart here in the states to check out and play with… It would be interesting to know how much different the 11/10 meter units are from the 4M, 2M,70cm units… We can’t get the 4M units here… You know, the whole “Land of the Free” thing and all… 😉


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