Stryker SR-447HPC2 “The Maybe List” UPDATED

So as the new beast is around the corner from Stryker I’m hearing some interesting thoughts around this radio so sure it could be more EU friendly. First of all thanks to Ted for sending me the link to see it a little bit better than the last photos I’d seen recently.

So what we know is the radio is based on the QX-6666 base without the SSB. So it’s an AM/FM radio. And boy there are some theories out there about what could be on the inside.

There is silly season that suggests the following: Multi- EUfrequencies are CONFIRMED

All EU norms like DE, PL, UK, CE, EU, IN, US, NZ

If yes that’s smart as can sell across EU for those importing it. And for big markets like Russia etc the 0 ending frequencies are King. Plus 10m and rU

Like the rounded channel display, finally radios start to look like 2016 and not 2001. 4 pin Mike but you can get adapters and sure it’ll be kick ass on AM. Power unknown but some suggest 50w ++ and also price unknown at the moment.

Thanks to Ted for pinging me the link to the photos

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