Gain-Master HW “Working Well”

The new shorter Gain-Master has been on sale now sometime and the initial reports are coming in and on the whole they are positive the ones I receive via email. Although quite different in length to the original it seems that on bandwidth many are pleased and indeed in windy locations the shorter version is indeed much better than its longer relation.

Bandwidth seems to be better than most expected. Myself I’m delighted with mine it really was better than I’d imagined with around 26.2 upwards and that was with the antenna fitted flush (inside cable to top brass cap) nothing cut. No adjustments just put in the air and speak. This seems to be what users in Poland, U.K. And Germany are doing the ones who contacted me.

It’ll be interesting to see more reports that are coming in, or online videos as more are sold. So far there are none of the smoke screen and mirrors, voodoo ideas of why the antenna works, it works as its good. Simple as that it seems.

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