President Harrison Serial 0229

Picked up a Harrison on eBay which we know is based on the Maycom EM-27 and this one is the revision 5 board with the date mark April 28 97 and we can see how the ASC was installed in this one. The radio even has the battery back-up inside which later radios didn’t.

When we see the radios of today and put them against the radios from another time then we can sure see a difference. This one has no modifications on the inside so no extra channels and is the standard 40 FM. Guess that has to be something different also as everyone alive modified these radios.

This is the second one I’ve got. The first is boxed and expanded and this one just a microphone and a power lead. So try it out now and then sit it somewhere. Replace the battery also needed for the memory back up.

Has a few life scars so it’ll need a service, that’s next on the schedule. Used one many times and worked well. Guess was with hand fitted ASC inside, not factory fitted? Some will know of course.

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