CRT Megapro “Export & Power”

I’ve not seen this radio and at the moment it seems not possible to find with a PC cable but more importantly I’ve been asked about the export mode. It’s very President’esque if you know what I mean? Personally now if make all component related. Export is now too easy.

And for those who need it here are the details:

1:Open the radio bottom cover and find position J1,Remove short circuit plug from position between 1-2 to position between 2-3.

2:Cut down position L21 (EXP)

3. Assemble the cover and re-power on the radio

4. Hold FUNC for over 2 seconds, and then choose VFO (S15) by switch the channel switch. Then hold FUNC again, the radio enter VFO mode.

5: Shut down and restart again.

These gives you bands A-J the rest you will find out yourself.

And need higher power? The way to do it is above..

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