What Are The Hot Search Items

As well as statistics, country views, visitor count etc on the blog there is an area what people are searching whether this search is done via Google or the internal search engine that is within the blog. So a few times it’s good to see what search terms are being looked up and some are funny, some are interesting and there are some that are really quite crazy indeed.

Some of the most recent searches are as follows:

Top Quad 5 channel modifications

President Grant II Premium 40w modification

President McKinley EU

Antron99 review

Yaesu FT-991 MARS/CAP

Icom IC-7300 MARS/CAP

President Texas 1800 Power Videos

Simon The Wizard Vietnam

Modifications Qixiang

Anytone Smart channel modifications and power

CRT One 25w Mod

Anytone Qixiang Simon 

Some real good searches, some fun ones too and nice to see on one hand what people are thinking. Anytone modifications have believe it or not on the Smart and Micro been viewed over 6000 times since January 1st 2016. One of the most popular areas are modifications just not enough time to find out many and some everyone knows so not any interest either I guess.

Let’s see later in the year what has been searched even more.

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