President Henry 12/24 Classic Does 0

Well something I didn’t know and was made aware of it over the weekend was that one of the differences on the new President Henry ASC 12/24v is the ability in rU band there was always only 26515-27855 but now appears some changes are made under the hood as the ability to make (0 Zero) ending has now been installed too.

So when you’ve done the deed of the modification and you want to use the zero ending channels then here is the way.

Slide the F button to the up position and t0 comes where the channel display is and then want to revert back to the normal 5 ending then turn F off and t5 will be shown on the channel selector.

Band A: Normal Mid Band

Band B: Hi Band

Band C: Low Band

The tone generated when change channels will be different with each band selected. What a great idea to have 0 ending in export mode, wanted this since 2005.. Makes things more useful as most use radios where the ability to go  +/- 5khz is a great option to have. When channels are busy, simply move!

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