CRT One n “Under The Hood”

So with the board production date showing 20151223 it isn’t a long time since the realisation of the board to the release of the radio. As we see there is still the OP1 and OP2 and for those options please look at the modifications area and use the guideline CRT One

What we can see is that the place to solder up for the 20w FM version is still there and other than some odds and ends in the change department it looks almost the same internally as the One without the signal meter.

Price in UK £48.99 so a fraction cheaper I believe than the Albrecht AE-6110

eBay item number: 162059433513 And shows should be in stock on 6th May 2016

Mine briefly had a connection issue with the antenna socket. Where the wire from the board was soldered. Took 20 seconds to re-stick and since then nothing but compliments on air.
Well done CRT. Budget radios need S meters too!!

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