M-Tech Legend IV (Isn’t A Uniden)

Seems according to Mathijs from CB Radio Netherlands the President William has now a little brother*** (look bottom of article). It comes with the name of the M-Tech Legend IV and seems to be coming to a retailer in the EU soon. We know that “in the old days” M-Tech was Uniden made so guess there is no reason to think otherwise with this new addition to there expanding family.

As we see it’s not identical to the William but comes with these options installed:


Full EU Norms

Roger Bleep


Electret Microphone

As we know this will be well priced so expect to see it in dealers shortly. Congratulations to Thijs for the scoop!

But I think also something like Apollo1 with the handset… Interesting times in the Far East at the moment I think..


User Manual: http://tinyurl.com/gn3f97k

*** M-Tech with Legend 1, 2, 3 were Uniden made. The Legend IV looks Uniden’esque with appearance but is not Uniden made. The resemblance is there but nothing more. It’s not associated with President or Uniden manufacture. Original words were from a private group of Qixiang users on Facebook. Myself, I’m 99% sure now who is the maker. 

“Matthijs from CB Radio NL says the William has a little brother” I’m Simon not Mathijs..

So in plain English. Looks President / Uniden but isn’t!!!!

Above is Legend III and its Uniden. But Legend IV isn’t.

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  1. Dear Simon,

    In your article of May 5th it is suggested that the Legend IV is the ” little brother” of the President William, both manufactured by Uniden Holdings Corp.

    I’m sorry to maybe disappoint you and some readers, but Uniden isn’t the father (nor the mother) of this new Legend IV !!

    Even looking alike and having indeed some family ressemblance with the President William, is unfortunate and confusing.
    Probably that’s the usual objective.
    Knowing the President William was initiated based on one of our UHF CB design/ tool enhanced in close collaboration between Uniden engineers and Groupe President engineers.

    I hope you somehow can edit the fact that the Legend IV is not a Uniden product

    Best Regards

    Robert Lyssens
    Uniden Representative – Uniden Europe
    Uniden Japan Corp.
    Division of Uniden Holdings Corp.


    • Good Evening Robert,

      Thanks for commenting and indeed the words if you look are not mine, but credited to the original writer “of the Williams brother” from CB Radio NL. Sadly the appearance is similar to the William and also features, although as mentioned in the article it looks more Qixiang Apollo in handset style.. We know and was clarified in the past that Uniden did make for M-Tech as boards showed Uniden on them from previous models.

      Time will show the maker, in my personal thoughts I know it but confirmation isn’t received yet but it’s Chinese made and not Vietnam.

      Your comment is valuable and of course the insight makes it better for future purchasers of the radio to have all the facts.

      I’ll change and put a * next to edits.

      With Kind Regards


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