All Mode 160-6 Meter SDR DSP Transceiver

With thanks to Loic from whose sent an interesting link to a QRP radio that in some conditions can be used on the 11m band. The radio itself is priced around $775 and when I’ve checked it seems to be out of stock with a very large line of people waiting for some information on it, but below we will supply all the links that I have at the moment.

And now the most important information and that’s the details of the radio:

Input Power: 11.5-14.8 VDC

Output Power: 5 – 8W

Measurement: SWR and Power:Numbers or Bar indicators on display

Supply Voltage:Real voltage on display

Two Modes CW: Select Straight Key or Paddle (built-in Iambic)
Receive sensitivity: 0.15uV w/o preamp

Ant Preamp: +16 dB

Spurious Response Rejection: IMD3 -48Db/ 5W

IMD5 -43dB

ATT: -12db
Frequency Range: 1800 kHz – 29.990 MHz HF +50-54MHz

160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15, 12, (11), 10, & 6 meter all mode operation

Modes: USB, LSB, CW, CW-R, DIGITAL DATA:CAT –USB jack : CW, PSK, RTTY, SSTV – 3.5mm jack

PAN mode: Easy to Find quiet port +/- 24kHz from main frequency.

Power: 5W output in CW / SSB

Frequency Stability: +/- 3 ppm (Si570 defined) typical over 0-50 deg C

Supply Voltage: 10.5V min to 15V max 350mA receive and 1.5 to 2A typical in transmit

LO temp. Stability: +/- 2.5

Antenna: 50 ohms BNC

Dual VFO

Memory: 100 memory storage per band Memorize frequency, mode, VFO’s

Built-in speaker: 8 ohms, .5 watts

Dimensions: 4.724”L X 3.937”W x 1.957“H

Weight: 19oz/0.54k/excl. mic.

Iambic key: Mode A and Mode B

Pitch CW: Controls CW offset. The sidetone pitch is automatically set to equal the offset

Notch Filter: Automatic Heterodyne filter for SSB from -6 to -40 db

Noise reduction: Level of attenuation of the noise from 1 to 50- use minimal necessary

Noise Blanker: Adjusted in the range from value 4 to 12 readings depending on interference

CW VOX: Break in delay in CW – adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds

CW memory keyer Choose Iambic Mode A or B

VOICE VOX VOX Delay adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds


SSB EQ 3 band Bass, treble, middle audio boost on transmit – up to environment

8 Different filters (incl): 4 of 4 for CW/ SSB – 1-3 factory presets – No.4 adjustable for CW/50-1000Hz/ and SSB/250-3.6KHz

Compressor SSB: 0-20dB

SSB TX MUTE Enable= no monitor Disable= monitor

No QSK Maximum switching delay is 12mS and digital delay is 47mS

Please note that when you purchase this unit, you read the manual very carefully. Take special care to use only approved connectors, proper antennas, 50ohms dummy loads and carefully check voltage and polarity of your 12VDC power supply or battery. Check all buttons and inspect after delivery. Once you verify reception and SWR, then plug in your mic and other accessories. All 3.5mm jacks are stereo jacks.
1 Year Factory Warranty
Price: $774.99 USD
And the direct link to the store:

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