30Th Swiss Pentecostal Contest & German Pfingstfunken Contest

This weekend is a busy weekend with the Czech and Slovak contest and at the same time it’s contest time in Germany and Switzerland too. The wizard will be trying to make some contacts between 26965-27405 FM and hope that there will be some conditions to make some good contacts. Below is more information about the event, so take a look and read it.

14 & 15 May 2016,
Dear Contest participants from 30 Pentecostal Contest.

We are particularly pleased to be able to welcome you to the anniversary edition.
The long history of the contest has competitions with a pile of about 100 CB-radio operators in 1986 found its start. “Schränzer 73, Ruedi” by CB-Club Burggeist of Lenzburg was the spiritual father of this event.
He was unfortunately died very early and his followers were the Schlössli radio operator; in the sense a change from Burggeist to Schlossgeist ;-). 
individual participants and teams were distributed in all of Switzerland. In the team it was not uncommon that more than 10 people formed a group; in mountain huts, tents or even to lookout towers.

Many fond memories adorn the past 30 years, and much has remained determined get anywhere on photos.
At this point I would urge you, dear reader / inside, to send us such documents. This will create a presentation that we present as part of the prize-giving ceremony on 13 August 2016 at Schlössli hard.
The registration form, the log sheets and everything else can be found for download on http://www.hfc.ch or on the Facebook page of SCBO.
Participate and the anniversary tribute, have fun and win great prizes! 
Thank you for your participation.

73 + 55 Tramp 73, Walter & Sangria 73
And now a “Wizard Bonus” 

If you speak to me during the contest and write to contact on the blog I’ll draw names in a hat and winner gets a President Virginia Antenna OR a CRT One CB Radio. You choose which you want.

My Equipment For This Contest

Stabo XM4060e (Uniden 680 Styling)

Sadelta MB+4 Plus

Antron 99 or President Himalaya

Links: http://tinyurl.com/zgnutxf

Links: http://tinyurl.com/zov59cx

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