Luiton’s LT-25w Hand-Held

So there will be hand held radio that comes to market with an intelligent fan circuit and 25w of power. The handie will be single band and come 136-174 and 400-480Mhz. It’s been announced on Facebook via Bond Telecom employees who’ve managed a contact some 15.2km across a city in China so it has been written. More information after the break here.

And now the information:

Luiton 25W two way radio

25W high power

25W/10W/5W Tri-power optional

Intelligent fan-cooled

4A large capacity Li-ion battery

Non-standard CTCSS(58 groups)/DCS(107 groups)

Three user-defined keys

Auto power off(APO)

Opening tone


Time out timer(TOT)


And the words from the article are:

LT-25W communication distance testing,long range 15.2KM in our city center(quanzhou)!Can you image how far it can communicate in open area?

And how long per charge @25w power???

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