Found My 811A Tubes

There comes a time when you need to go and search matched tubes for an amplifier. This was the case recently when I decided to change the tubes over in the amplifier and thanks to eBay was able to get some NOS (New Old Stock) matched tubes from the Ukraine which are sold as ” Russian made for military tubes” so we will see how they will work

The amplifier itself had no issue with tubes, works fine! But as not used since last put away 2 years I’ve decided to sell it and with it will supply new tubes. Seems fair. Promised delivery time of around 7 days so all fine and well.  Then it will be time to part company with the amp. But good to see there are tubes out there easily found.

For those wondering, the amplifier is an Ameritron and it’s the XE edition for export so covers where you need it to cover.

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