Vector VT-27 Smart Turbo Goes V2.0 Price €63

As we know makers make variants of radios for certain markets and the same is with the Russian company “Vector” who’ve now for some time been selling the new version of there popular VT-27 Smart. And below we will show you some of the new ideas they’ve had that some indeed could be suited for the CRT One and also the Team MiniCom in evolutions onwards.

So the differences:

A and B buttons added to the front of the radio with the intention of allowing user programming

Buttons now have switchable backlight

Changed the algorithm of the ASQ behaviour and allows seperate adjustments of the normal squelch and ASQ

Added a keypad lock function

Minor improvements to the stability and quality of the station

The rest is the same, does the same A-L bands and 4/8w 

But at the moment no signal meter but guess that will come shortly

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