Inside Albrechts AE-4200 RO

Something a little different. I’d had one of these lay around for a few months now. It was bought from an online site called Emag and so thought I’d break the warranty seal and see what was inside this SY Telecom made AE-4200 RO which was made for the Romania market.

We know this radio is basically the SY601IN model. That’s the name in house from the makers and what’s on the inside is interesting and funny at the same time.

First off if you look at the photo and especially on the back of the front panel where there is an obvious jumper either some fool in Albrecht or in the factory has added a small blob of solder so you simply cannot take it off without de-soldering it.  Also just behind the volume and squelch controls is part one of the power modification and this is free from solder. But look at the back of the board there is another jumper and the same mindless idiot has soldered that too. It’s too funny really! Until recently Albrecht was a swear word in this house, as wasted hundreds of euros from 2008-2010 on junk. Oh! Albrecht read here so will say this “AE485s ROHS” from the Funk-Keller in Landshut used for 20 minutes and failed, was repaired 4 times over 6 weeks and in the end a used non ROHS one in no box, scratched and marked was returned with Wladi telling me I was lucky to get it.

AE5890EU Serial number 00* delivered without a final Inside it. Was returned and replaced. Another 5890EU in export mode made 5 watts, returned and replaced.

So I think I’ve cause to say my opinions a little. If your going to do export, and if your going to sell 400 channel radios make them do 0 and 5 in export mode. On this radio, simple add something to firmware and long press channel down make 0 and press again makes 5. When the radio is on so it does not effect channel change etc.

But nobody at Albrecht likes to be told home truths. AE2990AFS which doesn’t do export mode correctly I was asked to help. One email returned told me was a jumper issue (on a radio with no jumper) emailed back the issue item by item and no response. Expensive brick of a radio to be sent to scrap due to an arrogant company who reply one time and then sit silent like pumpkins in a field.

Anyways, as you see the board at the front states:

AE4200 EU Main Romania Version 150123

So this is sure an addition for Romania. Now the tests will begin. I’m not going to make the high power modification? Has no reason. I’m not going to export mode it either? Why waste time when the radio cannot make 0 and just 5. I’m going to seal it, use my Sadelta on it and see how it works and if it makes any good contacts because that is what makes the CB and not the export and the hidden stuff.

I understand in high power mode:

FM: 12-14w

AM: 6-9w

And can confirm remove the jumper behind the display and turn on with arrow down and export mode seems to be enabled. So it is there for users outside the EU or Radio Amateurs.

**Solder Close Jumpers. Can also be distributor I guess, but was soldered by someone**

But as I was asked to open one up if I had one well that’s what I have done. Looks tidy inside I will say. Adjusters are found in the modification area of the blog, but seems aligned and set up well so not for me to mess around with. Nicely soldered, no mess, no blobs left over. Seems well made! Maybe finally this company sees on the success of its AE-6110 features, benefits and good price sells. I’m a pirate when something deserves to be modified but a legal guy when it wastes time. And remember of course these are my views. I’ve had junk by other companies which are all documented. This 4200 works rather well. I’d just change a few things in rU mode to make it more 2016 and less 2012 in ideas. Of course can be cost related, or simply not thought of or not interested.

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