CRT Megapro Software & 8 Watts “Modifications Closes Down”

Modifications, Modifications, Modifications! One of the areas of the blog that’s looked at a lot, and indeed one of the ones where the contact form is used the most. From today 1st June 2016 I’m going to not post so many modifications due to unwanted prying eyes from certain areas. So if you want a modification contact me via the form and if I’ve got it I will send it you.

Ive been asked now over 100 times via email about this radio, about what it can do and so the last in the series here online is the power modification and the software for the radio. Seems people think I’m the unofficial CRT Customer Care as can produce anything at anytime via email.

Software Download Link:

Power Modification is Below:

Onwards please send me an email and I’ll respond if I’ve the modification you need. Mods will still be posted just less frequently than now and not so many CB related ones.

I’m still hunting mods, still finding and asking for them so just if they are not posted doesn’t mean I don’t have them.

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