934Mhz Still Going On

So the band that was legal, then illegal and at all times equipment expensive seems to be working again. There are those out there still monitoring and calling with reported contacts from the UK to Holland and also from Switzerland to Germany coming to my attention in the last few days. So seems if you’ve still the equipment then maybe have a listen around a bit.

Appears to be channel 20 to take a listen. Myself I’ve a Stabo radio for the band, but actually it remains silent except for the occasional voices, appears some ducting effect as the voices come with echo but sure there is someone or someone somewhere out there still listening.

Interested then check the 934Mhz Facebook forum, you’ll be surprised there are quite a few users still out there.

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3 thoughts on “934Mhz Still Going On

  1. They should have never stolen our 934 now its used as a Ecco Charlie / Freeband when it shows never have been taken from us and we know that 11m is next reports all over Facebook a few weeks ago it’s disgusting that they sell off our radio bands to big business after cb the ham bands will go one by one I can see it coming 😦


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