In Finland Petteri Looks At Low Noise Grant II Premium

News arrived overnight from Finland. Petteri who released his modification on the old Grant II Premium has now looked at the new Grant II Premium low noise and has released his views and figures on this. Below are his findings and the new video that he has released too.

I’m posting parts of Petteri email that’s the most interesting, not edited just what is important as to what he writes

“Thought i write some notifications about the “noise free” Grant 2 Premium.

All in all, it receives better in noisy conditions and selectivity is on par. I guess President changed few coils in front end. Not sure but seems and tastes like that”

“Then bit of a bummer. New Premium includes also is way too lasy S-meter and it in part makes an illusion that it has lower noise level. Well some could say that it’s basically back to the Lincoln I and George time when S-meter says nothing untill quite strong signal pops up. Anyway i made some measurements with “old” and new Grant Premium. S-meter readings from signal generator:
“Old” / New


S1 1uV / 2.5uV

S3 1.3uV / 11uV

S5 1.7uV / 23uV

S7 6uV / 43uV

S9 36uV / 75uV

S1 0.7uV / 0.9uV

S3 1.4uV / 5.0uV

S5 1.6uV / 19uV

S7 4.5uV / 50uV

S9 29uV / 90uV
I tested two new Premiums with same results. Ald old one i know was just like any other.

Well jump forward with better receive but they forgot to change diode 22 to germanium and add variable resistor with it.. ūüôā
Btw. Noise blanker in new Premium is the same, basically useless. Just like in say Harry III, totally useless in a real noisy enviroment ea. mobile. Jackson 2 still has a good one but the layout is different of course. And Lincoln 2 has a good one too. Why not in Grant 2?
In all new Grant’s i change coil, two condensers and two resistors to make NB cirsuit to semi decent. And that semi decent is a lot more better than the original..”

The video above is the “stock standard” Grant II Premium and the “Old Modified” Grant II Premium. 

I think it’s important to add we don’t know if Petteri modification includes ROHS components or compromises CE approval and this needs to be mentioned before messages arrive with me “Why didn’t President do this and that” The blog we just supply the information as is, from mails sent to me. Petteri can of course be contacted directly about his modifications, to find him you can look to his website direct:

Uniden subscribe to the blog, and as before the blog is open to any, all or no comments from them. For me the radio is sure step in right direction as indeed my noise level dropped as videos show, and indeed side by side I can hear stations now my old Grant II Premium can’t hear and is just noise.

Petteri thanks so much again for your time, efforts around this radio.

We must remember noise is different each place and there are also those with old version Grant II that have absolutely no issues at all with any noises.

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