Team HamMobileCom 1011 With DSP

So to add an external DSP which costs actually more than the radio is a little crazy but I managed to acquire this speaker well priced online and so wanted to hear with my own ears if it made any difference and test it across a selection of radios and finally know myself whether the fight to add DSP to CB radios is one to pursue or indeed is a waste of paper and emails.

As luck would have it Kuba in Łodz was contactable which from here is something special as the distance is small, actually around 479km / 297 miles so rare to have these conditions. We know my location is hell hole for noise, we also know the Qixiang can receive rather noisey too so below is a small video which ended as the battery on the camera expired

I think makes a difference but the sound from the camera can be different to what you hear. So far the tests have gone slow but when more videos I’ll add so can be heard. At the moment it’s a work in progress..

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  1. Try setting the volume ontop of speaker so the slot is parralel with the side ,set the dsp filter to 7 if it sounds like running water turn it down 1 click at a time and as you turn the radio volume up from 0 you should hear the dsp filter come in around quarter turn.You can then back volume to what you want.leave the dsp set and only use radio for me. hope you get the best out of it. Andy


  2. We always use the DSP speakers when participating in any contests. In earlier years we used the Midland DCSS48 model, since some years I am also owning an NES 10-2 which seems to have a better DSP algorithm. The DSP absolutely helps in understanding weaker stations and getting rid of much of the unnecessary noise around the signals.


    • Do you find some radios are working not so well with the DSP. I tried on a couple of other radios and the Qixiang ones seem to work better with DSP than some other ones


  3. Hi Simon,
    I have been working for some time with the DSP NES10-2 MK3 and am satisfied.
    It works on all my Radios.In 3-4 regulated.
    Best regards


    • Hi Stephen, Thanks for writing and hope your well. Actually I am surprised to say it works better on this radio than I’d imagined and makes a lot of difference. Sure it’s individual ears and ideas but for this radio on this day it worked and worked really quite well indeed.


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