D-Delta 877 CB Antenna. Max Power 10w

It’s always interesting to see new antennas and also see the same antenna with different names then here is another one for you. This time the D-Delta 877 which comes with a magnetic base, 4 metres of coax and cable and with a sale price of £18.99 plus shipping in the UK. Everybody knows what this antenna is based on so no need for explanations here now.

And the information:

Technical data:

Frequency: 26,8-27,6 MHz
Reinforcement:> 3dB
SWR <1.2: 1
Impedance: 50ohm
Max power: 10W
Antenna length: 400mm
Installation on magnet
The diameter of the magnetic base 90mm
Cable length approx. 4m
Cable terminated with PL-259