Noster N-7 To Come Again

News from South Korea is that the Noster N7 which was also available under the name Megajet MJ-700 could be returning again to the market with some new and improved internals. As we all know I suppose the radio was an excellent export enabled radio with various configurations and also 10w power for those outside of the rules of the EU could use it.

What we do know so far is the following

1. Improved audio sensitivity by adopting audio compressing and decompressing circuit(COMPANDER). ( general ratio : S/N 45dB, C-7 : S/N 70 dB)

2. Convenient change of manual SQ and Auto SQ.

3. TX/RX indicator. (transmitting by blue LED lighting and receiving by red LED for AM, amber LED for FM lighting.)

4. Better visibility of display by using bright LED.

5. Compact design with high performance.

6. Complete interfacing between CB radio users.

7. Key lock function on mike unit.

More news soon….

Photo is not of the new revised version.

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