MML UV-8DR Quad-Band Submersible $65

Sometime ago it was the Vaesu UV-8DR and then afterwards it was named something else and now shipping from China it is called the MML UV-8DR and they quote it as a quad band, infact it receives FM Radio, then 136-174Mhz & 400-520Mhz but I cannot see the quad band access actually but it’s $65 including shipping so all is well I suppose?

And of course the all important specification sheet:

Shipping is of course from China and if your life will be better with one of these then the eBay number is as follows: 231976615549

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  1. Quad band usually comes from TX/RX 2m/70cm RX broadcast band 88 – 108 and VHF low 65 – 87 this last bit covers 4m. So so have 70cm, 2m, 4m and broadcast = quad band. The fact that 4m uses the same chip usually as the broadcast band means it is only RX. Don’t you just love marketing.


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