Soon On The Blog! Radios & Antennas

People always ask what is coming soon, what’s happening etc and below is the answer. Remember it costs time, effort, money to do that people expect me to accomplish so maybe stuff is late, not interesting to all etc but below is what’s on the next few weeks etc.


CB wise I guess not really anything much. I’ll try look at new CRT2000, P7LCD and maybe Team MiniCom with S-Meter depending on cost and availability. Will be trying the DSP on Lincoln II, Alinco DR-135UK and others. More than that think nothing comes really. I’ve been asked about Johnson II USA & McKinley USA on those the Johnson II is not available in EU and McKinley USA isn’t made and not expected till September for release in the USA.


Stryker A-10, K40 Superflex 3ft, Sirio TwinLog 3ft, PNI Extra 45, Sirio Performer 2000 (Now I’ve PL base) and a few other antennas that are here some as long as 4 months now.There are odds and ends of others, tested on the car, on air and outcome seen. Nothing with clip board and gloves, antennas are for using and not simple taking about

Antron99 with “different tip” We know the FS-99 upgrade and the Sigma Eurocomm version of the same tip but I’m going to try something else weather permitting and will show it here if it is working.

Running the blog actually does cost money so time is slow sometimes. And as summer now and small trips to make, PMR DX stuff etc then money goes elsewhere. But stuff will come sooner or later here.

And anything else?

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