Alinco DR-135 UK With External DSP

The next radio to hit the airwaves with the external DSP was the v3.1 Alinco DR-135UK which along with the same built CRE8900 appear both to work exceptionally well with the external DSP. Thanks so much to all those who contacted me and told me how to set the DSP up so it would make a difference and indeed oh boy it really did make a lot of difference indeed.

The video was made using the Antron 99 with FS-99 tip. Normally I use the Himalaya but I’ve a small issue with it at the moment and this will be resolved today or tomorrow and then will try again. Radio and DSP as can be seen on the video here.

The sound is actually much better of course in real life and real audio but at least you can hear a little something of how it sounds. I believe the DSP setting is either 4/5 in the video and not more or less. But also we need to remember this is another case when the DSP is more expensive than the radio. 

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