Stabo XM4006e & PC Connection

There was at one time a lot of noise on YouTube as I showed a Stabo 4006e being programmed via software and many wanted to know how to get the cable etc and software that made it work. So, finally now there is a solution for this maybe? The programming cable is the same as with the CRT Megapro so that will provide the connection to PC with right drivers

Now the software that is the part that’s trickier. I used the software for the Primo from Avanti. But there is software online from Qixiang and also CRT that maybe will work? Note the words maybe? As the software I used had a menu and didn’t open till it recognised the radio being connected.


There is really no need for the software as the radio has VFO mode inside so that’s all of interest really. Yes the software offers options if you are interested however they are limited and not so interesting I’d say. If you need rU or VFO mode then best is to cut and move so the option is enabled. But if you want to have a go at it then buy the cable and try see if the QX or CRT software unlocks it like the Avanti software does but no guarantees as they are all different radios remember.

You’ll find the CRT Software version 3.01 in the Modifications area

Updated News:

CRT software not ok on Stabo, so need search Avanti software online that is sure to work

Thanks to CRT Eric for the information..

*Stabo is 400 channel VFO from 25610-30110* Not 200 channel as suggested

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